1925: Continent 8

Years ago, shipwrecked survivors found themselves on an island (some jokingly naming it “Continent 8”), uncharted and unknown to the rest of the world.  Holding no hope of rescue, they struck a truce and worked together for the common good, setting up a market system based on a currency known simply as “coin,” joining forces to work on technological advancements, and equipping a militia to fend off the highly aggressive “indigenous” beings living on the island.

Gradually, dissent grew among the survivors and three groups went their separate ways forming individual settlements on three corners of the island.  Before the split, it was decided that the first group to complete four monumental achievements would ultimately rule the island, with the other groups capitulating.

The year is 1925...

4th Street Software is proud to announce the first non-sports addition to its lineup, "1925:  Continent 8."  

1925 is an empire-building board game designed for 1 to 3 players ages 14 and up.  The third in our "2x6x8" series games, there's a lot in the little box including modular hex tiles to make the island (Continent 8), miniatures representing everything from military units to cities and scientists, "empire" and "action" card decks, dice, "robo" cards for non-human players, player mats, tactical and basic battle boards, a prospecting chart, instruction manuals for the basic and advanced versions of the game, and much more!

Check it out today!