4th Street Basketball Computer Game Support Page

Computer Game Updates: 

Clicking on the "BKupdate" link below will begin a download of the update to the 4th Street Basketball program. When prompted, Run the file. The updated files will be automatically placed in the default game folder (C:Program Files(x86)\4th Street Software\4th Street Basketball.  You can have the program check for updates by choosing "Check Web for Updates" from the "Help" menu on the main screen. 

If the version number below does not match the version number of your game and the game is still reporting that the program is up-to-date, you may have to clear the file cache.  For example in Chrome
  • click the 3-dots in the top-right corner
  • select "Clear Browsing Data..." from "More Tools"
  • be sure that the "Clear Files and Images" checkbox is checked (you may wish to check some of the other options, too)
  • click the "Clear Data" button
Program Current Version Number Notes Click to Download Date Posted
4th Street Basketball The files in this update will replace several of the ones initially installed on your computer.
BKupdate 2/17/2021  Cleaned up several things on the schedule editor, home page, season melder.  A few more additions to pbp file.  The help file is now functional, although it is not yet complete (pretty much finished with the home screen, but haven't really touched any other module yet).  More additions and improvements were added to the season melder.  Functionality was added to the medical page.  Player files will be automatically expanded to accommodate 20 teams in each division for a total of up to 200 teams (this was done to make it easier to work with college conferences, which routinely have more than the previous limit of 10 teams).  Some improvements were made to the lineup generator, play-by-play descriptors, and substitution routines.  Season Melder was added.  Several cosmetic changes to lineup screen, stats screen.  High Game tab was added to stats screen, which is interactive and jumps to pertinent game when game high stat cell is clicked on (provided you haven't deleted game stats file for that game).  Manual dice roller has been completed.  Addition of several new items on Game Options screen.  Player file will automatically update to version 1.4 after this update (game options will automatically update to 2019-20 rules).  Moved and made clock and shot clock larger.  Placed player name labels next to respective token pictures.  Added several "milestone" items to box score.  Initial update release.