4th Street Basketball Computer Game Support Page

Computer Game Updates: 

Clicking on the "BKupdate" link below will begin a download of the update to the 4th Street Basketball program. When prompted, Run the file. The updated files will be automatically placed in their default folders.  You can have the program check for updates by choosing "Check Web for Updates" from the "Help" menu on the main screen. 

If the version number below does not match the version number of your game and the game is still reporting that the program is up-to-date, you may have to clear the file cache.  For example in Chrome
  • click the 3-dots in the top-right corner
  • select "Clear Browsing Data..." from "More Tools"
  • be sure that the "Clear Files and Images" checkbox is checked (you may wish to check some of the other options, too)
  • click the "Clear Data" button
Program Current Version Number Notes Click to Download Date Posted
4th Street Basketball The files in this update will replace several of the ones initially installed on your computer.
BKupdate 3/22/2023  Added functionality to player display window, including the ability to download and attach photo links to player display.  See the baseball video for more details, as the processes are very similar.  Added approximately 120 PBP entries.  Added several advanced stats to the individual leaderboards (true shooting pct, total rebound pct, turnover pct, assist/tov ratio, steal/tov ratio, usage pct).  Scoresheets can now be made from the Board Game option when starting a game.  The red and blue labels at the top of each team's bench area now display "rolling" game stats for each team.  Bench players now have a time-on-court value posted next to their names.  Added approximately 200 PBP entries.  Timeouts available are now (also) visible immediately below each team's timeout button in their bench area toolbar.  Fixed an issue with visiting team's logo not appearing upon resuming a game.  Streamlined many functions in the program to increase efficiency.  Help system was inadvertently "turned off" in one of the earlier releases.  Touched up some odds and ends.  Annual maintenance release.  Game options can now be changed and saved on the Settings screen.  Unfortunately, a computer crash destroyed the previously mentioned 300 (it was actually 400) PBP entries before I sent out the update without my knowing.  This "update" is actually the same program version (, but with the previous PBP file (there was no way to recover the 400 entries).  A "spectator" mode has been added to the program.  Added approximately 300 PBP entries.  Fixed an issue with free throw "in-and-outs" counting as makes on second FT attempt.  Tidied up the AI timeout sequence on injuries.  First "official release" version of the program.  "Cleaned up" many of the modules while completing the help file.  Fixed an issue with substitutions during the "game options" set up.  Double teaming can now only be adjusted during setup plays.  Added a new default basketball court.  Added stats labels for points, rebounds, and assists next to lineups.  Added on-court identifiers on game stats tab to identify players in the game.  Made multiple improvements to PBP and PBP editor.  Added functionality to AI.  Added +/- stat to box score.  Added a calendar schedule for both team and for league on the Schedule screen.  Modified several pieces of AI code to help deal with substitutions, timeouts, and strategies.  Made "defense" and "pace" buttons larger.  Added defensive and timeout functionality to A.I.  Added a new kind of game log, which can be viewed in the stats screen.  The same log for the last 5 plays during game play can also be viewed on the "Last 5 Log" tab in the PBP window.  Fixed a number of other smaller issues.  Fixed a problem with the "double bonus" option in the college game.  Added some new rules to the game options screen.  Created a new lineup generator based on actual lineups rather than minutes played.  Added several items to the player editor.  Fixed an issue with player deletion.  Added ~50 new play-by-play entries and synonyms.  Fixed issues with shot clock and pace setting.  Added 3-color labels to front screen and game screen.  Added some options to player editor and data importer.  Fixed issue with ball distribution on setup plays.  Made a number of fixes/improvements in data import module and player editor.  Introduced "pace" adjustments for AI.  Fixed issue with box score not presenting correct win-loss record before a game was completed.  Fixed an issue with game option Transfer option not porting over fast break setting.  Added several new options to coaching editor...predominately the pace settings.  League stats boards (but not comparison boards) are now sortable.  Fixed an issue with "Find First" schedule button on home page.  A plethora of additions were made to the game itself, including adding offensive pace options.  Fixed a problem with transferring players from one team to another mid-season.  Fixed issue with "Resume Game."  Made a host of other small changes mostly with team management and lineups.  A multitude of bug fixes focusing mostly on game play.  Installation file was updated to move several program files into the AppData folder.  Modification of player substitutions. Game lineups are now loaded automatically from real-use data.  Several fixes were made to scheduling apparatus on opening screen, stats module, lineup screen.  It's been so long, I don't remember!  Cleaned up several things on the schedule editor, home page, season melder.  A few more additions to pbp file.  The help file is now functional, although it is not yet complete (pretty much finished with the home screen, but haven't really touched any other module yet).  More additions and improvements were added to the season melder.  Functionality was added to the medical page.  Player files will be automatically expanded to accommodate 20 teams in each division for a total of up to 200 teams (this was done to make it easier to work with college conferences, which routinely have more than the previous limit of 10 teams).  Some improvements were made to the lineup generator, play-by-play descriptors, and substitution routines.  Season Melder was added.  Several cosmetic changes to lineup screen, stats screen.  High Game tab was added to stats screen, which is interactive and jumps to pertinent game when game high stat cell is clicked on (provided you haven't deleted game stats file for that game).  Manual dice roller has been completed.  Addition of several new items on Game Options screen.  Player file will automatically update to version 1.4 after this update (game options will automatically update to 2019-20 rules).  Moved and made clock and shot clock larger.  Placed player name labels next to respective token pictures.  Added several "milestone" items to box score.  Initial update release.