4th Street Hockey v3 Computer Game Support

Computer Game Updates: 

Clicking on the "update" link below will send you to a download page for the update to the 4th Street Hockey v3 program.  Instructions for gaining access to the FREE update are included on that page. 
When prompted, Run the file. The updated files will be automatically placed in the default game folder (C:\Program Files(x86)\4th Street Software\4th Street Hockey.  You can have the program check for updates by choosing "Check Web for Updates" from the "Help" menu on the main screen. 
If the version number below does not match the version number of your game and the game is still reporting that the program is up-to-date, you may have to clear the file cache.  For example in Chrome
  • click the 3-dots in the top-right corner
  • select "Clear Browsing Data..." from "More Tools"
  • be sure that the "Clear Files and Images" checkbox is checked (you may wish to check some of the other options, too)
  • click the "Clear Data" button
Program Current Version Number Notes Click to visit download page
Date Posted
4th Street Hockey The files in this update will replace several of the ones initially installed on your computer. update 7/14/2021  Added differentiation with players having the same last name to box scores.  Conducted further repair reported in  Cleaned up some play-by-play issues, conducted further repair on issue reported in  Repaired an issue with the opening page calendar not reporting the correct score of games (the game stat files need to be present in order for the scores to be calculated).  More diversity on PBP for save calls.  Applied a temporary fix for penalty situations in which one team has 3 or more penalized players.  Major revision to program update functions to largely rid program of "update.dat" file (registered users will still have the file read one time, after which it will be retired by the program).  Several game files are now moved to a more secure location to help eliminate system permissions issues.  Updated the schedule list so that it highlights selected team, among other things.  Added a "Use Autoplay Graphics" option to eliminate skater movement during schedule and autoplay play.  Season files will automatically be copies to system "My Documents" folder (some versions of Windows have a different naming convention) to help eliminate system permissions issues (the original files will still remain in their original location, typically C:\Program Files (x86)\4th Street Software\4th Street Hockey).  Revised the update program functions.  Division and conference standings will now indicate "T" (for ties) or "OT" (for overtime losses).  Fixed an overload error if the "Dressed" size exceeded 20 players.  Fixed an issue caused during game play when teams do not have a skater or goalie pic designated.  A new hockey standings reports for conferences was added to the stats display module.  Program was updated to detect when updates are available from the newly founded website on 2/23/2019.  A "duplicate league" option is now available in the Options > Import menu, making it possible to duplicate "Pro League 1" to any of the other 4 organization slots.  Auto-program update notification is now working.  Automatically fixes game option to advance puck 1 zone during overtime (you may manually change it to 2 zones).  Annual release.  Notice that the program iteration system was changed to be more consistent with other 4th Street products.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Fixed an issue with "compile all scheduled games" function in the stats module.  Introduced an option to have puck advance 2 zones instead of 1 during 3-on-3 play. Modified code leading to too many assists for goalies. Corrected issue with scoreboard not always reflecting accurate total score. Corrected issue with goalies being pulled in out-of-hand situations. Fixed issue with the "touch-tracker" for assists. Fixed some code dealing with assists awarded by the "hybrid" method. Tweaked some instances of give-aways and take-aways being awarded. Tweaked code dealing with assists Annual release. Includes fixes for 3-on-3 OT, shootouts, and a few minor modifications to the player editor. 

 If you experience errors occurring that are related to user permissions (administrative rights errors), please try the following fix posted by Microsoft Help: