4th Street Football Computer Game Support

Computer Game Updates: 

Clicking on the "updateFB6" link below will begin a download of the update to the 4th Street Football program. When prompted, Run the file. The updated files will be automatically placed in the default game folder (C:Program Files/4th Street Software/4th Street Football. If you are running Windows 7 or higher, the "Program Files" folder may be the "Program Files (x86)" folder.)  You can have the program check for updates by choosing "Check Web for Updates" from the "Help" menu on the main screen. 

Program Current Version Number Notes Click to Download Date Posted
Pro Football Version 6 The files in this update will replace several of the ones initially installed on your computer. updateFB6 11/8/2019  Fixed an issue with time of possession.  Annual maintenance update.  Updated file locations for updates.  Annual maintenance update.  Fixed issue with some defensive players not showing up on player display calls during games. Adjusted a aesthetic issue of players being identified in a matchup "won" by a QB during a scramble.  Annual maintenance update.  Added support to "tweak" the time-per-play aspect. The option has been placed at the bottom of the "Time" tab in the Game Options screen.  Fixed an issue with playing only offense or only defense for one or both teams.  Included new result code "80" which can be used in FG and PAT situations for older seasons (good on PAT, NG on FG.) 
Reinserted the 25-second option for play clock.  Fixed overflow issue when multiple season replays are compiled.  Fixed issue with font size preferences switching back to defaults after a game was played.  Minor update  Yearly update, including support for new PAT rules.  

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