4th Street Baseball Computer Game Support

Computer Game Updates: 

Clicking on the "updateBB" link below will begin a download of the update to the 4th Street Baseball program. When prompted, Run the file. The updated files will be automatically placed in the default game folder (C:Program Files(x86)\4th Street Software\4th Street Baseball.  You can have the program check for updates by choosing "Check Web for Updates" from the "Help" menu on the main screen. 

Program Current Version Number Notes Click to Download Date Posted
4th Street Baseball The files in this update will replace several of the ones initially installed on your computer.
updateBB 5/27/2019  Fixed an issue with the AI calling for an infield in defense, but having the program resetting the command before it being carried out.  Added a game time temperature to the program.  Added a "File Meld" option, which will allow users to import players from different seasons into a new file.  For example, one could create an "All Decade" set of teams from the 70's.  Several small improvements were made to the player editor, mostly to prevent overflow errors on player generation routines.  Fixed an issue with the game converting itself back to "DEMO" status.  If you need help with this, please e-mail us.  Implemented some changes to the demo version.  Fixed an issue with the "Extracted Stats" option for hitting streaks.  Updated the dice pictures for the game.  The demo version of the game will now allow game play among any teams in the first division.  Fixed an issue with play-by-play readings that included the top or bottom of specific innings.  Fixed a label issue on the pitching and fielding leader boards.  Fine-tuned an issue with the stolen base routine.  Added a new routine to the player file update system.  Passed balls league totals were added.  Home-Away Win-Loss records have been added to the standings reports (an option to turn this off will be included in a later release).  Added a checklist for roster additions/removals on game options screen so that players may be added or removed from active roster.  Added a placement grid for players on game option screen.  Fixed an issue which made the manager button not visible on some systems.  Fixed an issue with the DH being an option to use, even when its setting was turned off.  Includes an update to the activation system employed in version  Please contact us if you experience issues!  The game settings you declared earlier may need to be renewed.  See below for the recommended settings:  Fixed a glitch in the extracted stats routine.  Includes a new extracted stats option, this one for "high game" statistics for hitting (e.g., most hits in a game for each hitter during the season).  Also includes an updated activation system when attempting to activate the demo version.  Included a new "Extracted Stats" tab in the Stats module, which searches game logs for events, such as hitting streaks.  Also included on this tab is a team "Game Results" option, which places a team's game results in the form of a point differential.  A tooltip is available which gives the date, opponent, and score of each game.  This "timeline" will eventually be an option for team stats reports.  A wild card option has been included in the stats reports.  To initiate it, go to the Settings page, click the Miscellaneous tab, and select the number of wild card teams you'd like for each league.  Updated code to automatically detect when updates are available from the new website opened on 2/23/2019.  Fixed an issue with the comparison option in the stats module when attempting to view "actual" statistics.  Annual iteration update.  Added a set of modifiers for player construction in the player editor module.  This will make it easier to fine-tune some of the stats that deviate greatly from year to year.  Added a "Comparison" option in the stats reports so that replay statistics can be compared to actual stats.  Players who play for more than one team can now have their stats displayed as grand totals, or as totals for a specific team(s).  An option was also added so that all players who played on a team can have their stats displayed (or not displayed) in a report.  Corrected an error with "send runners" option when third out of an inning occurs on a strike-em out, throw-em out double play.  Added AI code for pitchers in bunting situations.  "Prk" results will now reflect the hitter's power rating in the advanced game log reports.  "Pwr" results will be marked with a "0," since the power rating of a hitter is not used in said reports.  Added several new "special reports" in the stats module.  Fixed an issue with pitcher stolen base against when compiling stats.  The stats compiler will now keep track of and report innings played for fielder.  The auto-update notifier is working again, and the program will automatically notify you if an update is available.  Fixed some issues with players or their stats (SB, CS) not showing up in the box score.  Included a "special reports" tab in the stats module which will allow hitting, pitching, and fielding stats to be generated players on selected teams.  Fixed an error caused with automatic substitutions.  Several improvements were made to the player editor.  Some plays resulting in errors resulted in hitters being credited with an RBI have been changed so that no RBI is awarded (run to RBI ratio was too high).  Program can now exit competely by using the "x" in the upper-right corner.  Some new minimum settings were provided for the individual leader boards in the stats module.  Program was made into a "single instance application" in an effort to prevent "open file" errors from occurring.  Program should now "Run as Administrator" automatically.  Update.dat error code modified to give more specific descriptions.  Fixed an issue which caused the demo version of the program to crash, caused by the new "dead ball era" game options.  Fixed an issue with players not appearing in box score when multiple (>10) substitutions had occurred for the same batting slow.  Streamlined box score and mini-box score code. A "Create New File" function was added to the player editor. An option now exists in the settings page to allow doubles down the lines only when a player's run rating meets or exceeds a certain threshold. Additional code was added for the data importer and player editor. Fixed an issue with AI managers occasionally "burning through" an entire bullpen in the course of an inning, especially during extra-inning ball games. Added "safety" features to prevent inadvertent button clicking during I/O operations. Added a routine to automatically generate rotations and assign relief roles. Lineups and pitching rotations will be updated so that each player's "Retro ID" will be used as an identifier, rather than his file number. This update is automatically initiated upon loading a player file. THIS IS A MAJOR UPDATE! It will NOT correct some roster errors made by previous versions of the program, so if you encounter problems with a player file following this upgrade, please contact 4th Street Software. We'll send out an updated player file to replace the one(s) you have purchased. Added code to help with future "dead ball" era seasons. Added a rotation "status" button on the rotation editor toolbar. Fixed and added some play-by-play entries. Fixed issue with "Run Schedule" mode. Visiting update page is now given as an option at opening screen, rather than mandatory. A few minor alterations and code-fixes. Corrected an issue with ball park effects. Fixed another issue with jumps on steal attempts. Fixed issue with jumps on steal not adhering to the correct dice roll under manual dice-rolling option. Fixed issue with RN=75 with runners on corners and 3B playing in (runner on first was incorrectly removed). Made "B" and "F" readings on scoreboard and pitcher (fastball, breaking ball right/wrong readings) easier to read. Fixed several issues with a new routine which updates rosters on a daily basis when playing replays. Temporarily removed access to the automatic scheduler. Fixed an issue with the auto-draft functions. Made several additions to import functions and improvements on player editor module. Remembered to turn the automatic schedule maker tab on, so people can use it! Updated the schedule import options to prevent unintended erasure of the "other" schedule. A number of additions/improvements/fixes were made to the player editor and data importer. A daily roster updater is now embedded into the code, and will function first with the 2017 season. Schedule editor now includes an automatic schedule maker, which will work fine with "symmetrical" divisions. Did some upkeep with play by play for stolen bases. Fixed issue with stolen bases causing a "hang" in certain situations. Added functionality to the Lineup module, including the ability to generate up to 10 lineups automatically. Fixed issue when pitchers are hitting and count is derived from their card. Added update notifications for re-generating pitcher, hitter, and fielding columns (see information in "Season Updates" below). Several modifications were made to the player editor and its algorithms to improve BB, SO, and HR accuracy. Auto-reset roster function was added to Reset Stats routine. This helps prevent roster issues during schedule play. Modified AI to produce much better SH and SB replay numbers. Several additions and fixes to player editor. Fixed issue with pitchers reaching their fatigue level during games when the "endurance" fatigue system is used. Fixes an issue with player assignment during game play. Several features added to player editor. Program will now automatically check for updates at startup and notify user if there is an update available. Several small changes were made with the player editor, data importer, and schedule editor Routine maintenance update First iteration of retail game