3 More Formations Available for Solo Play Cards

Three more formations - the Wildcat, Pistol, and Wing-T - are now available as solo play cards.  These are smaller sets, with the Pistol and Wing-T comprised of 27 cards and the Wildcat 18.  All are available for $14.95 + shipping.

The anticipated shipping date for these items is 2/7/2020.

While the Wing-T is a new addition, the Wildcat and Pistol have been available as additional plays for quite some time.  Both of those have been "remodeled" a bit, with each picking up some new plays in the process.  The "regular" versions of these cards - that is, those printed on 3.5 x 4.25" card stock - now have colored route lines, as do the downloadable PDF versions.

Now through Leap Day (2/29/2020) - order these 3 solo formation cards and receive $5 off using discount code "5-OFF-3"