4th Street Computer Basketball Update

I'm sorry to have had to post two updates for the game in the past two days.  I had been working hard on adding entries to the play-by-play file, and had added 400 since the release of the game a couple weeks ago.

Unfortunately, as I was wrapping things up yesterday with the last of the PBP entries, my laptop crashed while the program was running.  I restarted it without incident, but neglected to check the PBP file to make sure it was OK before writing over the previous version of the file to include in the update.  This morning, I was alerted that there was an issue and, sure enough, the PBP file had been replaced with "white space."  This sometimes happens when text files (it's actually an XML file, but in effect it's just a specialized text file) are open when a program using them isn't shut down properly or crashes.

The update includes the PBP file that was originally in the program installation package, so it has everything in it...minus the 400 PBP entries made in the past couple of weeks.  I'll try to get those back into the file soon!