4th Street Football Seasons - Now in Color!

4th Street Football player cards will now be printed in color for perforated, team format, and PDF downloads!  All cards have been colorized with alternating team colors...offensive player names have the same background color of their team, while defensive players' are reversed.  Offensive players now have alternating rows shaded blue, defensive players are shaded red, and special teams players shaded gold for easier reference.  See the attached image for illustration.

The 4th Street Football PDF seasons, previously sold as individual files in cut-line and team format, have now been revised to include BOTH cut-line and team format sheets!  All cards use the same color patterns as with the printed versions.  If you only have access to a monochrome printer, the alternating shaded rows should appear gray.

A "notes" page has been added to the PDF files which provide the separation page between cut-line and team format.

All PDF seasons are included in the automatic buy 2, get 1 free promotion as were the previous PDF files and computer season files.  The automatic free shipping with $75+ orders still applies for printed products.