New Baseball Stats Options

I finally got some time last weekend to add the first set of "extracted stats" options.  These are options which look through all the game logs during a season and extract various lists.  To start out, I put in some hitting streak data, including longest consecutive game streak with a hit, a double, a triple, a home run, etc.  

I also created the first team "extracted stats" option, which displays a team's entire game-by-game results on a point differential basis, organized by date.  If you hold the mouse cursor over a bar on the chart, you'll be able to see the date played, whether the team won or lost, whether the game was played on the road or at home, the score, and the point differential.

I'll be adding more along the way.  Eventually, I'd like to make it possible to search through different seasons, too.  In order to use any of the extracted stats options, don't delete the game stat files after they have been compiled!