Newly Designed FB Solo Play Cards!

In 2010, Pete Emrich released his "Solo Play Cards" for the Pro Set formation.  Over the years they have been a huge hit, helping solitaire gamers navigate quickly without having to even use the game board, except maybe to keep track of down and distance information.

We are now releasing the 2020 edition of the Solo Play Cards, but we've gone beyond what the old ones could do.  In addition to the Pro Set formation, cards are available for the Ace, I-Formation, Shotgun, Spread, and 2-Tight End.  A special teams set is also available.  All can be ordered on the "Football - Game Parts, Play Cards, etc." page.

Pete's cards were built for the 3-4 and 4-3 defensive alignments.  Each of the 2020 cards not only covers those two fronts, but also short yardage, nickel, and dime packages.  All on a single 3" x 5.5" card!

The cards are professionally printed and cut with rounded corners, and each formation will ship in its own resealable plastic bag.

As Pete's cards did, these cards identify the offense-defense matchup, and then implement the 12-sided die that comes with the game to indicate whether a "stack" or an empty zone occurs.

Each formation can be pre-ordered for $19.95 + shipping.  The special teams plays are $5.95 + shipping.  Free shipping is automatically applied for U.S. orders of $60 or more.  We anticipate sending out orders February 1, 2020.

Smaller sets will also become available in the near future, including the Wildcat, Pistol, and Wing-T formations.  

Now through 2/17/2020, order any 3 sets of the 6 Solo Play Card formations and receive the Special Teams set FREE with discount code SPECIALTEAMS.  Be sure to add the Special Teams set to the cart, along with at least 3 other Solo Play Card formations to receive the discount.