Windows Defender SmartScreen

Recently, I've had a few customers contact me about the "Windows Defender SmartScreen" which sometimes shows up when installing 4th Street (and other publisher's) software packages.  

With Windows 10, Microsoft changed their security system a little, putting in an extra step to installing some software.  I say some, because larger companies can purchase something called an "extended validation" certificate in place of a "code signing certificate."  A code signing certificate, which is what 4th Street has been using for years, is acquired by having a company go through a validation process.  In other words, several companies (not just the one issuing the code signing certificate) go through the subscriber's (in this case, 4th Street Software) company information to verify that the company exists, is located where we say it is, has up-to-date contact information, etc.  An extended validation is similar, although there are a few more steps involved and a LOT more money involved.  4th Street Software cannot acquire an extended validation (at least, not from the company I work through) because it is a sole proprietorship.

The "Windows Defender SmartScreen" will appear on 4th Street Software packages because (a) 4th Street does not own an extended validation certificate, and (b) none of the software packages we offer have been likely to be downloaded enough times to gain Microsoft's "trust" yet.  No one I have contacted seems to know how many times is enough to gain their trust, but I would imagine the number is in the hundreds, if not thousands.  4th Street simply isn't a big enough entity to have that many orders!

In any event, I've created a YouTube video (5 minutes) to explain how to install the software, should you encounter the Windows Defender SmartScreen.