Wing-T Formation Released for 4th Street Football

Normally a high school and college formation, the Wing-T was used as the primary offensive set for the Kansas City Chiefs in 1978, and has now been released with a 27 play portfolio!  It is included in the Additional Plays on the Football Add-Ons and Extras page.  This is the first of our play sets that include an option play, with 3 different ball carriers a possibility on the same play call.

The Solo Play version of this formation will become available when the other additional play formations (currently the Pistol and Wildcat) are released later on this year.

If you had previously ordered the PDF versions of all the additional play cards, you should have received an e-mail alerting you to a product update.  If not, feel free to contact us.

You'll notice from the picture that the Wing-T has some color components, with red outlining the pathway of the primary runner/receiver, blue reserved for the "skilled" position routes, and black for offensive linemen.  Also, blockers or "non-participants" in a play receive a diamond end to their route line, with potential runner/receivers maintaining a triangular arrow.  This new system will be repeated with the Pistol and Wildcat formations after they are updated and released later on.