4th Street Baseball Update

The newest 4th Street Baseball update was released on 3/1/2023 and includes several additions to the player display window:

  • player displays now use the same color shading technique as used on the board game player cards
  • a screenshot "camera" is included, which stores the screenshot of the player display window to memory and then be pasted into a document or email
  • player images can now be added and viewed (4th Street Software does not host a player image library, so these must be provided by the user)
  • a direct link to the player's career stats page in Retrosheet is provided...view the player's career stats with the simple click of a button

Some issues were also corrected with the data import's "reconcile" functions.

Here is a direct link to the free download:  https://delivery.shopifyapps.com/-/fa6b835cf999659e/1c6ea9a152e01cb2

In board game news, the 1961, 1962, 1963, and 1964 color ballparks are available for pre-order!  We anticipate shipping them out around 3/10/2023.  Each is available for only $15.95 + shipping.  Remember, orders of $75 or more include free shipping to customers in the continental United States!