4th Street Basketball Update -

Update for the computer version of 4th Street Basketball is now available.

Along with a few minor alterations and fixes, the new version introduces a new technical foul system that will also be included with the board game shortly.  The system assesses technical fouls to players only...bench and administrative technical fouls are not assigned at this time.

The program now also implements a new player "fix" system, which allows automatic updates to player "cards" to be downloaded and processed almost instantly.  If a player update is available, the program will notify you immediately after loading the player file and ask whether or not you'd like to update the file (obviously, it is recommended that you do).  The only changes made will be to the player card information itself, so no changes are made to rosters or replay stats.  For example, the new technical foul system employs a new player attribute called "tech," which is currently not included in the player files.  The "fix" system will download the contents of a small file and integrate the changes directly into the player file loaded into your program.  If a fix file isn't available for a season, the program simply announce "No fix file available" in the information banner at the top of the page.

To date, I've only been able to locate technical foul information from the 2001-02 season and beyond, so players from seasons prior to that will have "tech" ratings of "0," although it is possible that some players (especially from the 90's) will have some "tech" ratings down the road.

The update file also includes new dice images which are bolder and easier to read.

The new update can be downloaded directly using this link:  https://delivery.shopifyapps.com/-/0c354f6e8440cb25/fa63db1e067dfb11